Date Sex & Love

Everyone belongs to someone but finding the right one seems to be a path that leads to heart breaks, and mistakes that could have been avoided.
Each week join AJay, as she peers into provocative topics people seem to avoid on Dating, Sex, and Love plus every thing else in between, in the African modern society.
If you desire a relationship that gives you all round satisfaction despite traditional norms in Africa or you simply want great tips on Sex and Dating, then this is the Podcast for you.

Does Size Matter?

When you are attracted to someone and you two hit it off pretty well, it’s normal to expect an intimate experience, for me I hoped it would be out of this world but what I got was a different scenario that was a letdown. What led to this?Having pleasurable sex is what every woman aims…

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Introducing: Date Sex & Love With AJay

I’m Ajay and I’m married to the man of my dreams, a fairy tale that had its struggles like dating the wrong men, lots of experimental sex and a bumpy ride to knowing what love is. This is a path most people struggle with lots of unanswered questions.Get the answers to these questions and more…

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