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No one loves to be constantly reminded of how cold and horrible their world is, they just want a perfect getaway. Have you ever been in a room of lovely people who love what you love, hate what you hate? Exactly what you feel in this conversational podcast - #FansTalk, where a large range of opinions on an area of interest is aired from pop culture, tech, movies, sport, fashion, art and lifestyle to product and services. And you are never alienated as each episode either educates or entertains you or gives nostalgic moments.

Made In Naija

There’s absolutely no doubt that Nigerian Brands are waxing strong in the ever-evolving fashion industry as they are becoming more expressive and creative in their designs that appeal to many fashion lovers globally. The industry which is said to have kick-started when Shade Thomas-Fahm, who was the first step into the fashion scene in the early ’60s with the use of traditional African fabrics, and the invention of many styles. This invention birthed the growing industry and the show of her recent display of colours as well as vibrancy. Globally, the fashion industry is worth over 2.5Trillion USD, with Africa’s share estimated at less than 1% of that total. Meanwhile, Euromonitor suggests that the Sub-Saharan fashion market is worth $31billion, with Nigeria accounting for 15% of that ($4.7 billion) which is materially lower in comparison to that of South Africa’s which $14.4 billion considering the population conversation Nigeria’s fashion industry tend to focus on the luxury and mid-market segments, neglecting thousands of value brands that represent a large volume of the industry. According to Mckinsey, 55% of Nigeria are price conscious, which explains why second-hand foreign clothing is grossing high. Nevertheless, society remains aspirational, explaining why as much as 44% treat themselves to more expensive items. The episode of Fanstalk focuses on Fashion in Nigeria “Made in Nigeria” and it’s challenges.

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