Fans Talk

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No one loves to be constantly reminded of how cold and horrible their world is, they just want a perfect getaway. Have you ever been in a room of lovely people who love what you love, hate what you hate? Exactly what you feel in this conversational podcast - #FansTalk, where a large range of opinions on an area of interest is aired from pop culture, tech, movies, sport, fashion, art and lifestyle to product and services. And you are never alienated as each episode either educates or entertains you or gives nostalgic moments.

Reality Check

Many people who have “made it” – by the standard definition of fame, wealth, success, and accomplishment especially in entertainment consistently make a sacrifice to stay on top.
Most of these individuals have seen both sides of the money/success spectrum and on this episode of Fans Talk, we uncover some hidden truth that lies behind the fame as we speak with Former Reality star and Rnb singer Tolu Adeshina ( Tolu of Project Fame).

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