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Bringing books to LIFE with BlisB
The Talking Point

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Adulting has its ups and downs... In this week’s episode, Jae talks about growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. The struggles of adulthood , trying to latch on to childhood memories and striking a healthy balance. How have you been coping with adul...

22 Mins
Adulting na proper scam

We talk about some brings solemn peace in our society and how wr coexist with each orher ...

12 Mins
The Community

On this episode I’m joined by the amazing Wilfred Onoyemu as we discuss and share ideas on how to handle insecurities and overcome self doubt/Esteem issues. --- Send in a voice message:

17 Mins
How to handle your insecurities with Wilfred Onoyemu.

For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne welcome Shaan Rais, a leadership development expert and executive coach who is taking the world by storm in his efforts to change the face of leadership. During the conversation, they discuss Shaan’...

114 Mins
Episode 164: Leadership Development w/ Shaan Rais

Day 1: Genesis of Prayer Okay, let's go! I want us to hit the ground running. This week, we're looking at our definition of prayer and refining that. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. First things fi...

24 Mins
Extra Oil Day 2: The Genesis of Prayer

In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, I’m joined by Jacque Peppel, a native Floridian, born in Tampa, Florida, a month before Pearl Harbor. Jacque’s passion is helping people to achieve abundant health. She is trained as a...

27 Mins
Interview with Jacque Peppel, Health and Wellness Coach

In keeping to its promise to support businesses overcome challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has commence nationwide implementation of MSMEs Initiative namely; the MSMEs Survival Fund with the Payroll suppor...

24 Mins
Bundie Ufuoma Akpomedaye & Francis Onuk talk about the Federal Govt. initiative -

We all have a before and after story; some more dramatic than others. Mine isn't; just a quiet transition from a child raised in a Christian home to a woman who has accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Do you have one you'd lik...

4 Mins
Water to Wine – My Life

Yemoja mother of all, goddess of fertility, powerful. You think you are caring, wait till you hear of Yemoja, a strong woman who cared deeply for her children, but was any of these reciprocated by those she loved, find out in this int...

17 Mins
Yemoja: Goddess of Fertility

This episode talks about the aftermath of the war, how the defeated people of Biafra were reintegrated with Nigeria. Also, this episode talks about how the Biafran currency was used and dumped and how the Government policies affected ...

14 Mins
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