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In today's episode, we activate God's blessing of protection and peace over our lives, families, and local community! You don't want to sleep on this! Plug in now!♥️ ...

5 Mins
ACTIVATE: 21 Days of Proclamation (17/21) with Elijah Elvis Kraftzmann

In a world with where everyone wants to talk and very few willing to listen, mastering the art of listening s a amazing skill that can put you ahead and make others very fond of you. Do listen to this episode of Tips Tuesday as i share some...

5 Mins
Tips Tuesday episode 54 - How To Master The Art Of Listening

Everyone has had that moment you felt anxious or lacked confidence in yourself..The self doubt and Am I good enough come up. So here are ways to cope with it and my personal experiences ...

28 Mins

Signing a blank cheque would mean giving the recipient an unlimited freedom of action and giving them volition to take whatever necessary action they deem fit. Similarly with SURRENDER, we YIELD our...

4 Mins
|Episode 1| The Blank Cheque Explained

Wherever relationships exist , conflicts may arise, it’s important to learn the best way to manage conflicts whether in business, at work, with your friends and family, etc for successful living. Fola Alade , a certified attorney-mediator f...

47 Mins
Conflict management via mediation with Fola Alade Ep 3

women stop pretending you don't love money.... --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: https://ancho...

11 Mins
The unspoken series; money

Money, they say makes the world go round but can it buy love? A lot of people have emphasized the need for financial gains in relationships for it to thrive even though there is some sort of truth in that, I can’t help but wonde...

25 Mins
Money & Relationship

Born in Warri Delta state, Hope Epia is the CEO and Founder at Rays of Hope Clothing, a women’s clothing brand devoted to creating stylish and elegant designs for women who want to stand out and be noticed. Her passion for fashion sta...

18 Mins
The Fashion and Style Diva (Ft. Hope Epia)

This episode describes a nation in crisis as retaliatory attacks went unchecked in the land. Targeted killings of a certain tribe, in a certain region of the country. The episode also has real-life account of a survivor and her ex...

15 Mins
Imprisoned (Interview with Survivor)

Join Bayo on the episode of What A Joke as he shares the tale of one of history dumbest war, the battle of Zappolino, popularly known as, 'War of the Bucket'....

12 Mins
War Of The Bucket
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