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Africa has moved on from the time it was called the dark continent. It has seen wars, diseases, coups, and even natural disasters.

However, the reemergence of the second largest continent on earth did not start in the 21st century.

Join Liwa, host of Long Story Short, as he takes you through the journey of some of the most iconic characters who have paved the way and shaped Africa we know today and the Africa we want to see in the nearest future.

Telling the true African stories for modern times

Africa’s First Climate Change Activist

In the push for a sustainable environment, it could be hard for someone to single out iconic characters who helped the world see that Africa could be in for a greener earth.
Sometimes, however, that struggle might be mistaken by governments who consider anything not in their agenda a threat.
On today’s episode, Liwa tells the story of Wangari Maathai a woman of firsts and a leading icon in the fight for a sustainable environment.
What challenges did she face? What were the results of her struggles? And what was the legacy she left for Africans? Why don’t you find out in this episode?

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