Long Story Short

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Africa has moved on from the time it was called the dark continent. It has seen wars, diseases, coups, and even natural disasters.

However, the reemergence of the second largest continent on earth did not start in the 21st century.

Join Liwa, host of Long Story Short, as he takes you through the journey of some of the most iconic characters who have paved the way and shaped Africa we know today and the Africa we want to see in the nearest future.

Telling the true African stories for modern times

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Africa’s Iron Lady

In ancient Africa, women have played important roles in the shaping on our dear continent. You can name Cleopatra, Queen Amina, and Queen Makeda of Ethiopia. However, in modern Africa it is a struggle for women to break the barrier to earn opportunities of leadership.Fortunately, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf defied all odds and turned them in her favour and for the development of her people by becoming the first female elected Head of State in Africa. What challenges did Ellen face? How did it affect her? And what legacies did she lay for those who want to follow her footsteps? This episode examines all these and more..

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