Long Story Short

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Africa has moved on from the time it was called the dark continent. It has seen wars, diseases, coups, and even natural disasters.

However, the reemergence of the second largest continent on earth did not start in the 21st century.

Join Liwa, host of Long Story Short, as he takes you through the journey of some of the most iconic characters who have paved the way and shaped Africa we know today and the Africa we want to see in the nearest future.

Telling the true African stories for modern times

Fatima al-Fihri: Built The World’s First University

If you search around the world today, you’d find that knowledge is everywhere. There are new things to discover every day. It all just seems like the knowledge we have about things around us is too much. But how much is too much. Among those leading the quest for knowledge are top universities all over the world. But a university system didn’t just spring up from the ground.
The journey for higher knowledge started from the dark continent. But not in the way you would imagine and also from an almost unlikely source if you consider today’s society.
On this episode of Long Story Short, Liwa tells the real origins of what we now know as a University. It’s the birthplace in Africa and the legacy it has exported to other parts of the world, just by the selfless act of one person.

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