Long Story Short

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Africa has moved on from the time it was called the dark continent. It has seen wars, diseases, coups, and even natural disasters.

However, the reemergence of the second largest continent on earth did not start in the 21st century.

Join Liwa, host of Long Story Short, as he takes you through the journey of some of the most iconic characters who have paved the way and shaped Africa we know today and the Africa we want to see in the nearest future.

Telling the true African stories for modern times

The Slave That Saved America

Humans have faced different types of wars in the past 6,000 years. These wars have either changed how people lived or wiped out entire populations. Diseases have been part of that war, and despite the many advancements in science and technology new ones spring up from time to time.
During the height of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, a disease that had travelled all over the world and was causing havoc, killing millions of people. This disease found it’s way to a slave hub in North America and continued on its killing spree.
On this episode, Liwa examines what led to solving one of the world’s biggest pandemics which involves the legacy of an African slave.

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