Millennial Lady

Hosted ByTeni Olubode and Abigail Adetoyinbo

Women make up 80% of all refugees and displaced people. Instruments of genocide, such as Sexual Violence and Rape are often directed at women and girls. Join Teni Olubode and Abigail Adetoyinbo, two young females who have had enough experiences to be able to share with you what the female gender encounters on a daily basis. Whether you are a lady who wants to be enlightened and educated about the needs of the female gender, ranging from lifestyle, health, and the well-being of the girl-child, or a man who wants to learn about the minds of women and how to treat women right, this is the podcast for you.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a serious public health and human rights problem with both short- and long-term consequences on women’s physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health. Data available suggests that in some countries one in five women report sexual violence by an intimate partner and up to a third of girls report forced sexual advances.

Join Abigail & Teni as they both share personal experiences.

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