On Some Bullshit

Hosted BySukky

It is tiring to keep hearing the same thing about society, even when it's not true. Join Sukky every Wednesday, as he takes a look at everyday happenings from different angles and tries to find the truth of things we've taken for granted or see as the norm. So, if you're ready to call the bull-shit on things that make no sense, this is the podcast for you.

Friendship Goals

Are friends a goal to be strived for? And what kind of friends do we need? In this episode, I take a look at some traits that some people exhibit that make us wonder. And I try to drop a few personal experiences with friends, give a few shout-outs to awesome friends, MAYBE drop a few shades(you know how we do on OSBS) and just have fun, cos that’s what we do. P.S. This episode isn’t to discourage you, but to make you evaluate and be sure of what you want.

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