On Some Bullshit

Hosted BySukky

It is tiring to keep hearing the same thing about society, even when it's not true. Join Sukky every Wednesday, as he takes a look at everyday happenings from different angles and tries to find the truth of things we've taken for granted or see as the norm. So, if you're ready to call the bull-shit on things that make no sense, this is the podcast for you.

Happily Single

We are in an age where your romantic relationship status is a huge concern for so many people. They want to know why you’re single, who you’re dating, how you’ve been in that relationship for years and why you’re not married, yet. I’m joined by the hosts of The Backyard, UD and Grace, and we discuss being single and just have random fun in the studio. What’s your romantic relationship status, and are you okay with it?

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