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Congo Is Bleeding (2): The Genocost

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The term Genocost /Gen-Cost is used to mean genocide for economical gains. It's coined from 'genocide' and 'cost' and it's used to describe the inhumane historical acts being carried out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which has claimed the lives of over 10 million Congolese since the industrial era of the 1800s and continues till this day.   

The Geno-Cost is an initiative from the Congolese Action Youth Platform (CAYP) for the recognition of the Genocide against the people of the DR  Congo which aim to have the 2nd of August as a commemoration day to remember all those that were lost since inception in the long violence of the Congo. (@genocost on IG)


Maman Christelle (@maman.christelle on IG) , Kambale Musavuli (@kambakem on IG), Sylvestre Mido (@sylvestremido)


THE WAR IN CONGO Full Documentary by RAGE(YouTube) (


Drc. Jaèy (@jae_yalley on IG & Twitter), for AMBC.

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