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      Hello Loves!!!! I like to consider myself a writer, not the kind you are thinking of, but the kind that write everything down, which lead me to keep a journal and morning page, down in the future I will start an evening page. If you ask me Damiel Why do you like writing everything down? My answer will usually be I have a short term memory cause the real answer is a long very expressive reason as I will mention below See Journal-ling had been a big part of me and since am the only one who keeps a journal among my physical friends at the moment. Let cut down to the chase here are some benefit of Journal-ling or Morning page Journal-ling had always been that place for me that I feel like I could write I all my idea jokes and sadness without someone judging me or criticizing apart from my head Keeping a journal involves writing down your thoughts or whatever that comes to mind at any moment of time, there are so many types of the journal available not in design, but in goal ranging from daily journal to gratitude journal, selecting one all depends on your personality or what you plan to achieve with that journal. Journal-ling has been a positive effect on a certain area of my lives. Finding my ikigai was one of the best things Journal-ling had bought to my life Do you keep a journal or write a morning page, they both don’t have to be fancy except you are into pretty stationery So how did journalling improve my life as a person and help me to be a better version of myself Send me an email OR            Make sure to find us at and --- Send in a voice message:


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