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Good day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all music lovers across the globe, My name is Hafeestonova and this is the Cha-Cha Music Review Podcast, in case you are listening to the podcast for the first time, the Cha-Cha Music Review Podcast is where I get to critique, review, analyse and rate new songs from top African artistes. If you want to know which song is hot and which song is trash, the Cha-Cha Music Review Podcast is what you should be listening too

The podcast also has a series of segment, like the Cha Cha Evergreen Segment, The Cha Cha Album Review Series, The Cha Cha Spotlight and many more that I won’t reveal for now

Usually, I drop a new episode every Saturday but there is major a development that has affected the structure of the podcast so I felt the need to update you on that.

The platform where I host my podcast took down the podcast due to what they call “music infringement” or copyright issue in a nutshell so what this means in that moving forward I won’t be able to play you samples of the songs that I review.


Yeah I know, it’s sad, it heartbroken, trust me I have cried over this, I couldn’t sleep all through the night but then I remembered the music is not what makes the podcast, you are what makes the podcast, you are the reason why am doing this and like they say when life knocks you down, you stand up and fight back, so yes I am at war, I am indaboki lol

Anyway I won’t let this hold me back, the show must continue, the Cha-Cha Music Review Podcast is here to stay and if there was ever a time that I need you, the time is now, I need your support more than ever, join me as I start this new journey, yes it’s a new journey because all my 49 episodes are gone, so I’m starting afresh but with you by my side I know I can do this

Once again my name is Hafeestonova, it hasn’t changed and it will never change, Thank you for your understanding and One Love

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