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7. Amini Kajunju

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Amini Kajunju is the Executive of the International University of Grand Bassam (a private university in La Cote D'Ivoire )Foundation. Amini was the first African President and CEO of the Africa-America Institute (AAI) - the oldest non-profit organization of its kind in the US - where she initiated and directed the programs in higher education and skills training, including the Future Leaders Legacy Fund, William Tubman AAI Nursing Scholarship, East African Development Bank STEM scholarship fund and the State of Education in Africa conference. We began our conversation exploring her experience at the AAI and how crucial it is to give global educational opportunities to Africa's best and brightest at the advanced level. We talk about what a world-class education is, making it Africa-relevant and the resources needed to create one. At the crux of the conversation was how we make quality education accessible for the bright but needy. Amini also shared her views on the role of both governments and private organizations in giving access to and practicalizing skill-based learning. This episode is also about the future of edtech, teacher training and motivation, mentorship, education investment, and why the Africa diaspora should consider coming back home to build the continent.

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