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Proposal Declined

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“Will you marry me?” “No!”
Then, what’s next?
What happens to a relationship after a proposal, whether public or private is declined?
Join our guests in this episode as they share their views on public proposals and how to handle a denial.


Thank you Princess Amarachi for this wonderful discussion. I learnt a lot and I enjoyed what the contributors said. Saying no to proposal.. *Is not an easy feeling for me o but then I need to move on if such happens... Maybe the girl may have someone else in mind for marriage (it's for a life time) or maybe "not ready " proposal takes a lots of preparation.. *It's better to be embarrassed privately than publicly like one the contributors said (yes I concurred to that) , but then I think from the onset the relationship should be defined so that if it happens you can still be in communication... *You don't also force a girl to accept your proposal for marriage (though I've not done one before😊) # manner of proposal influences positive response (I agreed to that PA but then if she loves you that shouldn't be an issue.. What about our parents that didn't proposed the way it is now?) I have a lot in mind to say... In all it points down to effective communication, understanding and knowing each other better... Thanks again Princess Amarachi for this wonderful episode. More of that dear✨🌹

- chibuking

Apr 10, 2021

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