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Everyone belongs to someone but finding the right one seems to be a path that leads to heartbreaks, and mistakes that could have been avoided.
Each week join AJay, as she peers into provocative topics people seem to avoid on Dating, Sex, and Love plus everything else in between, in the African modern society.
If you desire a relationship that gives you all-round satisfaction despite traditional norms in Africa or you simply want great tips on Sex and Dating, then this is the Podcast for you.


  • Questions To Ask On A First Date
    It might be obvious, but the easiest way to connect with someone is to get them talking about themselves, by asking about their hobbies, the...
  • Friend Zoned
    In this Episode Ajay and Guess share detailed stories of their friend zone experience
  • Touch My Body
    So you’ve got a steady partner and they are great. But sometimes, you’ve just got to *ahem* take care of yourself. Is this normal? ...
  • Ex-Files
    In this episode of Date Sex & love, Ajay and her guest address the question of whether you should be friends with your ex. Find out more on ...
  • Pickup Lines
    The best pick-up lines whether they’re cheesy, funny pick-up lines that’ll get someone laughing or clever pick-up lines that’ll make you sta...


@prettyeddie1999 hello

Feb 14, 2022

@andi am loving the episodes ,, have listened to all of them 🤗,, just wondering when you will upload another 😍,,, can't wait to hear it

Sep 30, 2021

@bryann nice

Aug 16, 2021

@ddupersuperman Amazing job guys👏👏 I love it!

Jun 8, 2021

@chillloverradio This is great info for relationships. Enjoyed the discussion. awesome detail in the podcast. Really Great job. Love from NYC, USA

Apr 20, 2021

@ajay Thank you

Jan 6, 2021

@ilebaye This is informative and spicy. I love it

Sep 25, 2020

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