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Q and A with England rugby premiership sports star and winger Paolo Odogwu

Develop Your A-Game


Episode Notes

‘Too blessed to be stressed’ 23 year old Paolo is the man of the moment , courted heavily by international sports media, and the current rising star on the English rugby scene. Coventry born Paolo, has a rich multicultural heritage and is described as ‘dangerous’ on the pitch. Describes himself as a chilled, easy going person comfortable in his own skin and very determined and focused. He shares how he opted for rugby at school because football wasn’t available which ignited an unexpected , passion for the sport. He shares how he learnt self-discipline from a young age, how the support of his parents helped him pursue his passion and his desire to explore and connect with his Nigerian heritage. Connect with Paolo via Twitter and Instagram @paolife_ and support his team thé leicester wasps. --- Send in a voice message:


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