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Recap of lessons learned in Season 1 - Thank you, Daalu, Ese, Merci, Danke

Develop Your A-Game


Episode Notes

Hello my amazing listeners , I know it feels like a minute since my last solo episode. I was busy lining up fantastic guests for you for season 2. Whoop. I am so thrilled to round up season 1. Imagine , now 21 episodes here we are. My podcasting journey so far has certainly been an unexpectedly rewarding and enlightening experience. In this episode I give a recap of the major lessons learned in this season, knowing yourself worth, understanding the power of personal energies , mentoring and much more. Please subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, and anywhere you can find podcasts. I would love to hear from you ... until September stay safe and safe blessed. --- Send in a voice message:



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