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Why we need Good Governance more than ever. S2 Ep 4

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Episode Notes

It’s been a very emotional and heavy period recently across the African continent, from #ENDSARS movement in Nigeria , child trafficking issues in Ghana , #Congoisbleeding and separatist violence in Congo. Bad governance has been the root of our issues in Africa by and large. Given the heightened awareness of the need for better civic I give a high level break down in less than half an hour what governance is , why it’s important and how it cuts across society from public sector , private sector . I also discuss the need to exercise self-governance. If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe or follow and share. It’s up to us to stay informed and raise awareness about these issues. Twitter @developyourAGa1 Instagram @developyouragamepodcast email --- Send in a voice message:



Beverley Agbakoba-OnyejianyaHost



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