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Does The Rise of FBA = The Death of Pan Africanism? w/ Dr. Boikai Twe

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Episode Notes

Controversial figure and Black leader Tariq Nasheed recently asked Is Pan Africanism Dead in this TikTok pseudo knowledge Era?  Come one, Come All and sit, watch or listen at the feet of a Certified Triple OG PhD / College Professor with over 35 years of experience teaching African American Studies & African Psychology, while also being a highly decorated and critically acclaimed Grassroots Community Organizer and legit Master Teacher known as Dr. Boikai S. Twe. Tap in as Dr. Twe explains exactly why Pan Africanism Cannot and Must not Die!

Time Stamps:

(00:00) - Start Of Show

(03:00) - Introducing Dr. Boikai S. Twe

(05:46) - Tariq Nasheed asking is Pan Africanism Dead in 2022? (clip)

(10:11) - Acclaimed Pan Africanist and Founder of Africana Studies Dr. Twe responds to Tariq Nasheed

(17:11) - Make it Plain, why would you want to continue identifying with Pan Africanism?

(20:30) - We Have become a weak people because of divisions amongst the Diaspora 

(24:56) - Black Informats being used againgst the black community.

(29:50) - Background on Dr.Twe’s History

(31:45) - Starting the 1st African American Studies program ever at Sinclair Community College in the 90s

(36:20) - Our first time ever visiting Atlanta / Dr. Twe’s relationship with record executive LA Reid

(40:00) - Why he decided to write Grona Boy Go Zion Memiour and Book 

(48:00) - Importance of African American Psychology and Mental Health 

(54:00) - The Pan African Call and Response

(1:00:19) - Importance of Black and African Diaspora Spirituality 

(1:02:45) - Rastafarian & Roots Music 

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