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Creativity sometimes can be very daunting as most creatives tens to lack the financial independency to create. And this mostly stems from the fact that creatives inherently lack the acumen to sell their creative ideals to industries or firms that can support with these aids. In this episode: The manager, featuring Soji Jacobs, son of Nollywood screen veterans Olu Jacobs and Joke Silver. Soji enumerates on the importance of the performing art in shaping the society and his role as the middle man between creatives and businessmen while sharing his evolving experience of recently becoming a husband, and a father. || PLEASE NOTE: We know you love and appreciate the work that we do. And we would like you to support the further production of this podcast by doing any or all the following: Subscribe to stay tuned, drop a review – rate us on Apple Podcasts, and share with others. Best Regards! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/epsseries/message



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