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No one loves to be constantly reminded of how cold and horrible their world is, they just want a perfect getaway. 

Have you ever been in a room of lovely people who loves what you love, hate what you hate? 

Exactly what you feel in this conversational podcast - where a large range of opinions on an area of interest is aired, from pop culture, tech, movies, sport, fashion, art and lifestyle to product and services. And you are never alienated as each episode either educate or entertain you or give nostalgic moments. 

Disclaimer: Listen with care cause addiction to the show is inevitable.


  • Season Finale
    Wow! this is a mix of emotion as I do not know if I should declare 7-days giveaway spree or visit you, a bowl of favourites... but both are ...
  • Reality Check
    Many people who have “made it” – by the standard definition of fame, wealth, success, and accomplishment especially in entertainment consist...
  • Made In Naija
    There’s absolutely no doubt that Nigerian Brands are waxing strong in the ever-evolving fashion industry as they are becoming more expressiv...
  • Gamers Are Not Nerds
    Join Banji and his guests on this episode of Fans Talk as they would be exploring the amazing life of a gamer. They would also be discu...
  • Fan Loyalty
    "I am a fan" is one of the most misinterpreted words. We are in the day where, if you're infatuated with someone it's not four-letter w...


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