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The most popular way to stay in touch with friends, family, especially celebrities, make new acquaintances, inherit haters and promote hobbies or work is Social Media. Here is the usage metrics; Facebook boasts 2.7 billion active monthly users, Twitter has 330 million, and 1 billion people enjoy Instagram. Given the aforementioned, Social media, affords fans the opportunity to peek into the significant moments of people’s lives, as well as smaller, day-to-day activities.The constant struggle to take the perfect picture with a luxurious impression is real. Many people use photographs and posts to portray their lives in a positive light. They feel competitive and want to be seen as having a happy relationship, a thriving career, adventurous hobbies, or the world’s baddest Butch. Social media allows its members to curate their life by only opting to showcase their finest moments. It can leave a false impression on their friends and followers, which leaves more people feeling that they have to try to live up to the lives they falsely believe others are leading.Understandably, people want to be seen in their best light regardless of any economic situation. Still, it’s questionable where some social media participants draw the line picturing social media acceptable lifestyle. Would you break a bank to live a narrative or fake it till you make it? Join me and my amazing Super Queens on this engaging episode as we highlight the struggle of living an expensive lifestyle.Let's Ride!


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