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S3 EP10 In Conversation with Landvigo| Let’s talk Real estate and Tech| A lot to learn.

Getting it off With Chiamaka

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Episode Notes

Do you know that you can sell your property online without having any issues?

 It’s not magic, someone has created a solution for that… 

Hello gentle listener, hope you are doing well? 

Trust your weekend was fine too?

 So today’s episode is new on this channel and I’m happy about it. One of my wishes for this Podcast channel is coming to live!!! Pheww. So no personal talk and no hospital today talk either.

 I had the rare opportunity to speak with an intelligent man, rare because he’s a private person hence why I didn’t include his face even a side view is out hehe. We spoke about Real estate and how tech is playing a role. He has introduced tech into Real estate and I think you deserve to know what I found out recently. Hope you enjoy this one. 

Tech is the new passport oh, whatever you can provide solutions for and incorporate tech, I tell you, you are heading somewhere.

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