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Growth Quest Podcast with Balqees Abdulgafar


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Many of us will start but not so many will finish but it's okay if some of us take a break to reflect. There are also some of us who stop what we started with faith and confidence because we feel not validated by the outside world; For me,I dropped my mic for almost half a year because I felt that my voice was underrated and not given the importance of the message that I carry so instead of asking what to do for me to improve,I dropped the whole idea and kept my mic aside but those 5 months were the most unfulfilled moments of my life because I wanted to record many times but I didn't because I convinced myself that my voice wasn't important. If you are also going through similar moment,I am not here to help you rise this time rather I am here to hold your hands and together,we can rise and pick up the mic again.


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