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S3 E7 : The Illusion of Free Will

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Free will to me is an extreme example of wishful thinking, it's a notion that never bears fruit beyond the scope of skepticism.

Am I a skeptic? Hmmm...perhaps more times than not, I won't deny that. But on this matter for sure, without a shadow of a doubt; I hold the concept in contempt, because what does it really mean? Is it that you can pick your poison, as well as when you drink it? Is it the fact that we can compromise the good for the bad despite knowing the consequences of our actions? Or is it the disguise of an age-old fiend that's hoodwinked society into accepting the tyranny of choice as their compass for navigating this warped world? 

Truth is I haven't a clue, but let's dive deep into the specifics and see what we can come up with.

Stay tuned for more from Kultured Khun!

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