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5 Ways mums can stay sane whilst stuck at home

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Hey mums! Now that most of us are stuck in our homes 24/7, you may be beginning to feel like you’re losing your mind attempting to work from home, providing your children with some semblance of schooling, somehow, you have kept the place reasonably clean. Oh, and did we mention feeding everyone breakfast, lunch, and dinner? It’s a tough time, that's for sure.

The extravagance of taking a few precious moments for yourself may seem like the stuff of a bygone era.
You’re not alone if you’ve shut yourself in the bathroom at some point to quiet the noise.
There’s no denying that, under quarantine/lockdown, it’s harder than ever to get a little personal downtime away from your children. But it’s not impossible.

We discuss 5 ways to stay sane by carving out space for yourself during this difficult—and, thankfully, temporary time.


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