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How To Rise From Defeat

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Too many people collapse in a heap when life knocks them down. They lie there with no apparent hope for the future. They become so consumed by the circumstance they find themselves in that they lose sight of their vision. They assume the door has been closed to their dream and that God wants them to move in a different direction. Imagine if a young child learning to walk adopted this thinking - they would never learn to walk. Why do we give up so easily on our dreams? Tough times will come, but they never last. Tough people do. You will be at the receiving end of some curveballs in life (guaranteed). Knowing this means you must make a decision on how you will respond before the circumstance or difficulty arises. Make a decision to get up every time life knocks you down. Expect to get up when life knocks you down; it’s the most natural thing to do.

How have you risen after defeat? What did you do to get back on your feet?

How can you turn negative energy into positive energy?

What breakthrough are you hoping for? What are you doing about it

How do you respond when faced with an obstacle that scares you?

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