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Online dating questions you can ask the other party before going on a first date.

Talk With Nicki


Episode Notes

Some people come back from their first dates and they only have horrible stories to tell. Either they met a weirdo or a self-centred person. To avoid having a horrifying first date, Talk with Nicki is here to let you in on questions you can ask the other party online to know if a first date is in order or if it's time to go your seperate ways. Do you want to avoid a horrible experience all in the name of a first date? Then, you won't wanna miss this episode with the interesting segments that come with it. The only way you can be on this fun train is to buy a ticket. Fun fact: This ticket is actually free. All you have to do is subscribe and follow. I will also love to hear your amazing voices. Feel free to send a voice message. I love you guys❤️



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