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I heard a funny story once of two men who stood across from each other looking at a figure. One said it was 6 while the other said it was 9. Both men were adamant that what they were seeing was right and convinced that the other was wrong. They argued on and on. The story had no end but truth be told, neither was wrong. It's all about perspective. The same can be said about a glass half full or half empty. Life presents us with impossible situations sometimes. It's just like a boy given a basket of lemons. Depending on who is asked, the lemons are either useless or very useful. Half empty is tossing them out because, really, how many lemons can a boy eat? That's giving up the moment things are tough. Half full is doing something productive with those lemons. He could sell them or make lemonade out of them. This is what I like to call a silver lining. To every situation there is a bright side. No matter how dark it gets, there's still a trace of light. A wise man once said *"facts will be facts but the truth(the word of God) remains the same".* The way you define a situation affects the outcome. *Look at your glass. Is it really half empty or half full?* --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


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