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This episode is all about entrepreneurship. In today's episode, Judith seats with an amazing entrepreneur Praise Olaoluwa. He shares useful insights about his journey so far. He also talks about a time when he failed at something and ways in which he moved on from it. To find out more, jump right in!

"Praise Olaoluwa is an Entrepreneur and Relevance Strategist with fortes in branding, communications, and strategy. Praise, has so far in 6 years, led teams and projects across verticals in varying industries and continents. He has had his fair share of failures in businesses and these have strengthened his resolve in building successful and phenomenal enterprises that solve problems, create jobs, and outlive him. He listens to and advises entrepreneurs, businesses, and culture-shapers when asked.

Praise is currently a Partner at Base XII - an innovation lab helping individuals and organizations transform themselves through digital innovation. He has also founded and is invested in a few technology startups."

Connect with Praise on Twitter & Instagram - @lifeofpreiz and his website -

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