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The JM Show, a podcast anchored by Judith Ebengho. Here she talks about things she is learning in the course of her personal development journey and the best way she feels life’s issues can be handled. ⁣⁣Watch out for new episodes every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. If you are on a personal development journey, stay tuned.⁣There is more;⁣⁣This podcast also intends to bring the stories of real life heroes, leaders in the political and business sectors, change agents, vision bearers and those who have proven themselves excellently in various spheres of life. The intent is to inspire. ⁣⁣It is easier to be driven by the accounts of real people and mentors, it suddenly puts perspective into dreams and make it suddenly appear attainable. ⁣A wise man once said, ‘any man can do, what any other man has done’.⁣⁣Stay tuned and watch this space.You can find Judith on @judithebengho on Instagram and @judithebengho on Twitter.Website: www.judithebengho.comKindly send your questions to



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