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Failures Of The Past (A poetry duet by The_Poetic_Membrane & Damilare_Mapper)

The Podcast With Damilare_Mapper


Episode Notes

I looked ahead of time and saw my failures and lies; I looked behind my past and saw many reasons to cry. Life is a seed to grow and sow on this platter of either Gold or Coal; whatever luck brings, I was told, is certain even if it lurks behind my curtain. I realized I was the seed to sow and life was the soil to grow; I saw the reality of life in strife after being haunted as I strived. I kept my hopes up high in stance and watched my take on chance; I swore an oath to never say die, Even if it meant sacrificing my entire life It didn’t matter how much time wasted in the past Nor the terrible dream I had of the future What mattered most was my personal resolve Backed up by faith and belief; it could never dissolve The road is rough but I’ve already grown tough Blockades await me; Enemies still hate me Life will never go easy and I’ve learnt that reality completely So no matter the surprise; my only focus is victory Love me or hate me; Even try to underrate me or try to underestimate me But certainly it’s a certainty that failure isn’t part of my destiny The past was only a step to see A future filled with opportunities So I say with all confidence The future is filled with happiness No matter how grave the consequence


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