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Does money influence relationship decisions? Is vex money a valid date criteria? Let's discuss

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Hellur salon customers, I have missed you guys, so on this episode of the podcast, i talk about the amebo i stumbled upon on social media streets about financial commitments in relationships, e really shock me when I found out that people in this year go out on dates without vex money or even cash for their transport, and the one that toshed me, some fellas go into relationships broke and all. A wawuu situation ba , well, anyway i gave my own thoughts on this and wiyod like to hear your thoughts on this. Drop your messages on the App, or on Twitter @theshortiesalon Instagram @theshortiesalonpodcast_ or @petite_awesomeness, love what I do? Support this podcast by clicking on this link Thanks for listening fam, i Love y'all gazillion ❤ background music is Bami lo by Tolani Otedola ft Rekaado Banks --- Send in a voice message:


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