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Episode Notes

I know we said 31st but some things just can't wait This Episode  tells a true life inspired Story of Kay (Okezie), a Nigerian Youth who was killed by the Police. The Story depicts the plague of a vast number of Nigerian citizens' experience with Police. The episode also points out certain fails in the Country Nigeria and how they impact citizens. This is a medium to SORO SOKE and sensitize the public in the fight for #EndSARS #PoliceReform #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria  And also it's a call to #EndBadGovernance Nigeria will be great again. Because it wasn't you doesn't mean it can't be you. All SFX used in this are from Contact us @dtalkingphoenix (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) Email: HOST==== Twitter: @00phoenix, IG: @00_phoenix --- Send in a voice message:



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