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From the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of the calendar, Monday has been known as the most dreaded day of the week.

This is why it’s perfect for what a Joke.

It’s a comedy podcast true to its name where I, your host, Bayo Oduwole, make you laugh, teach you stuff like weird history and crazy politics while making you laugh, get your blood pumping, fix up your life, force you to think about important things, and call you out on your bs, all while still making you laugh.

It's a pretty big promise, now listen to me deliver it all in under 20 minutes.


  • The Gignac Theory
    From a poor Columbian baby to a 17-year-old Billionaire weapon smuggler to a middle-aged Saudi-Arabian Prince. Anthony Gignac had lived more...
  • Lie 102
    Lies are one of the most natural things to humans, but how much do you know about this little reflex of yours? Bayo thinks... less than...
  • A Pandemic Tale
    Imagine a world where every bad thing could be blamed on the air being bad? eg. Mr President, Boko Haram kidnapped... Ah, it must ...
  • Lost in Lagos
    Bayo recounts one of his many daring adventures (no cap, it's a jungle out there) with transportation in Lagos.
  • Know Your History (Ft. Jumoke & Joy)
    Bayo invites Ajay of DSL and Joy of I Got Tempted for a little game of weird history.


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