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Almost Legend

Hosted ByUnwana

For every Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, there are soccer players who were equally or more talented but didn’t have the successful careers that those two enjoyed. In each episode of ‘Almost Legend’, Unwana takes us through the stories of various players in the history of soccer who seemed destined for the top but fell well short of expectations. Here’s…

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Cheap Talk

Hosted ByPrincess Amarachi

Have you ever listened to an audio podcast that made you make an instant life decision? Cheap Talk with Princess Amarachi is more, as she unravels how you can stand up to your words and achieve the impossible.

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Fans Talk

Hosted ByBanji

No one loves to be constantly reminded of how cold and horrible their world is, they just want a perfect getaway. Have you ever been in a room of lovely people who love what you love, hate what you hate? Exactly what you feel in this conversational podcast - #FansTalk, where a large range of opinions on an area of…

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Millennial Lady

Hosted ByTeni Olubode and Abigail Adetoyinbo

Women make up 80% of all refugees and displaced people. Instruments of genocide, such as Sexual Violence and Rape are often directed at women and girls. Join Teni Olubode and Abigail Adetoyinbo, two young females who have had enough experiences to be able to share with you what the female gender encounters on a daily basis. Whether you are a…

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On Some Bullshit

Hosted BySukky

It is tiring to keep hearing the same thing about society, even when it's not true. Join Sukky every Wednesday, as he takes a look at everyday happenings from different angles and tries to find the truth of things we've taken for granted or see as the norm. So, if you're ready to call the bull-shit on things that make…

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Red Card

Hosted ByDolapo Akitoye

Walking away from a toxic relationship isn’t defeat, it is accepting you can’t make someone be who you want them to be. Dolly, a relationship expert, shares her weekly insights on relationship and when to put an end to an unhealthy relationship. Whether you are in an abusive relationship and wants some great advice on how to end it or…

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Story Of The gods

Hosted ByPerpetua Fasanmi-Peter

Stories offer characters as role models for us to emulate and they also show the dark side of humanity for us to abandon. Every week, join Perpetua Fasanmi Peter, a sensational story-teller, as she shares the popular and not-so-popular folk stories from African Mythology, tales passed down by our ancestors. If you are that person who enjoys Tales by Moonlight,…

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What Did Fela Say

Hosted ByGabin

Nigeria faces a lot of political and societal issues. Fela, who allegedly foresaw the issues we face today sang about it and is labeled a Prophet by many Nigerians. But is he a Prophet? Or a Musician like every other entertainer in our society today? Join Gabin on Jamit.FM as he juxtaposes and dissects the cankerworms eating deep into the…

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