Story Of The gods

Hosted ByPerpetua Fasanmi-Peter

Stories offer characters as role models for us to emulate and they also show the dark side of humanity for us to abandon. Every week, join Perpetua Fasanmi Peter, a sensational story-teller, as she shares the popular and not-so-popular folk stories from African Mythology, tales passed down by our ancestors. If you are that person who enjoys Tales by Moonlight, or that inquisitive person who is interested in learning about African Mythology, then this is the podcast for you.

Anansi: Oh Tricky Spidey (Part 2)

The story of the master trickster from West Africa continues. Anansi now has all the stories of the world, but still, misfortune follows him everywhere. How does he make it up to his Sky father ? or does he? Listen and enjoy this episode and do not forget to share it with your friends

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