African Culture

Proud Of Your Native Language ?

The many languages that exist coupled with the presence of colonial masters in Nigeria caused the need for a unifying language.The beauty of this was that people from different states and ethnic groups could communicate effectively. The downside to it has, however, over time come to light as most people now term the speaking of…

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Mawu: Dare Not Challenge Her

This episode is about the tale of Mawu, the great goddess of the earth. Her themes are creativity, Universal Law, passion, abundance, birth, and inspiration.Mawu is the Goddess of the night, of joy, and of motherhood as well as the ruler of the world’s wisdom and knowledge. She is the one who brings cool nights…

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The Beauty & Ugliness Of Our culture

Africa is home to a lot of various cultures that are specific to each country in her. On the first edition of the show, we would be exploring some of these cultural practices. The beautiful and the not-so-great ones.Don’t forget to download the app, subscribe and leave your reviews.

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