Nigeria Government

Mugu Politician

The political issue is at the heart of the challenges facing Nigeria at the moment. In Nigeria today, there is a high rate of poverty, insecurity, political uncertainty, bad roads, youth unemployment etc Though the country is blessed with rich minerals, yet we suffer from poor leadership. Self-centred leaders, looting funds that are supposed to…

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Sani Abacha: The Nigerian Nightmare

It has been said that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and this statement is not strange to Nigerians who have lived through different authoritarian regimes at the helm of affairs. However, between 1993 and 1998 one particular regime stood out.He was known for every vice, human rights violation, corruption, different “appetites”, and one that Nigeria still…

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Authority Stealing

Quick question, If you catch a thief stealing on the road what will you do, especially if your pocket has been picked many times, or you have been robbed. Beating, burn am. If you catch a senator that has reportedly looted millions of dollars of taxpayers sweat out of the country, what will you do?…

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