The Backyard

Hosted ByGrace Omonyemen & Udoka Ijeh

The Backyard is a weekly podcast that unfolds happenings in our Africa society.  Join Grace & Udoka as they invite guests, coaches, innovators, creators and experts to discuss the daily happenings in the Africa community.

If you are a lover of Pop culture, societal norms, politics or education, then this podcast is for you.

Modern-Day Slavery

We believe everyone, everywhere has the right to a life free from slavery. But right now, millions of children and adults are trapped in slavery in every single country in the world.
Modern-day slavery is a horrendous action against humanity. It takes the dignity of the heart and the illusion of mankind to grow free and enjoy brace life with grace. 
On this episode, join us and our guest as she shed more light on modern-day slavery.

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