What Did Fela Say

Hosted ByGabin

Nigeria faces a lot of political and societal issues. Fela, who allegedly foresaw the issues we face today sang about it and is labeled a Prophet by many Nigerians. But is he a Prophet? Or a Musician like every other entertainer in our society today?

Join Gabin on Jamit.FM as he juxtaposes and dissects the cankerworms eating deep into the society of generations past and present.
Whether you want to know about Fela (the political and societal renegade) or find out about the societal issues Africa faces today, this podcast is for you.
Then I leave you to decide if truly, Fela is a prophet or just a Musician.

Authority Stealing

Quick question, If you catch a thief stealing on the road what will you do, especially if your pocket has been picked many times, or you have been robbed.

Beating, burn am.

If you catch a senator that has reportedly looted millions of dollars of taxpayers sweat out of the country, what will you do?

Insult him, snap and post on media. Why not beat him, burn him?

Because im na government, abi?

Listen to this episode, be informed and share your opinion.

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